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Where should design requests be sent?

At, we offer several convenient methods for submitting design requests, allowing you to choose the most efficient option. We recommend using the project management application Trello for the most effective workflow.

How It Works with Trello: Once you start collaborating with us, we’ll create a customized space for you on Trello. Here, all your design requests will be centralized, and you can track the progress of each task in real-time. This platform helps you stay organized and have a clear view of the development of your projects.

Alternatives for Busy Schedules: We understand that sometimes your schedule can be very busy. If you don’t have time to add tasks in Trello, we offer the flexibility to send requests via email or WhatsApp. Our team will take over the request and add it to Trello, thus ensuring efficient centralization and optimal management of all your projects.

Through these methods, aims to simplify the collaboration process and ensure efficient management of your design projects, no matter how busy your schedule is.